A woman steps unto a scale confidently

Weight management

We understand that losing weight can be a lifelong struggle, so we use the groundbreaking medications like Mounjaro™ (Tirzepitide) and Ozempic™ (Semeglutide) to help with weight loss. We also discuss healthy habits that will take you further. 

Our weight management clinic offers you:

  1. We invite you to have a free consultation to see if weight management is right for you.
  2. Once you decide to move forward your cost will be just $100/months+ the cost of labs and medications. This includes:
    • Time with Dr Hannam
    • Nutrition and Exercise Counselling with a Nutritionist
    • Weigh-Ins 
    • Televisit at least once monthly to monitor progress
  3. If you are already a member of the House of Health, weight management is a part of your benefit. You will only need to pay for labs and medications.
  4. Medications types and costs vary and includes:
    • Mounjaro™  (Tirzepitide)
    • Ozempic™ (Semeglutide)
    • Phentermine + Topiramate
    • Tesofensine 
    • Buproprion + Naltrexone